Bicycle rack - Bike Carrier for 2 Bicycles MB/Citroën version (vehicles WITHOUT platform in the garage)

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Bicycle rack - Bike Carrier for 2 Bicycles MB/Citroën version (vehicles WITHOUT platform in the garage)

Make the most efficient use of the space in your rear garage with the HYMER Bike Carrier – designed for the easy stowage of up to 2 bicycles or e-bikes.

The main element is the vertical support pole for the bicycle retaining arm which is sturdily fitted to the vehicle. The support pole can be individually adapted to your rear garage in just a few simple steps. This makes the actual loading process a breeze.
The bicycles are first pushed into the front wheel clamping brackets, at which point they will already be able to stand unsupported. This makes it easier to fasten them using the retaining arm, meaning the bikes can be fixed in place before departure without problems.
If required, the system can be expanded by one bicycle at a time. In total the system can be expanded to accommodate up to 4 bicycles.

The highlights:
• Very light – weighs less than 4kg
• No permanently installed floor rails necessary in rear garage
• No holes in rear wall (by contrast with a conventional bicycle rack)
• Rear garage is practically empty when rack is not in use. Retaining arms can easily be folded to the side
• Can be installed alone without professional help

Note: Mercedes/Citroën version (vehicles WITHOUT platform in the garage)
In the case of queen-size bed, it must be checked if installation is possible. 
Does not fit: Tramp SL 704, B PremiumLine 704+798

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