Backrack+ All in Kit

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Backrack+ All in Kit

The complete kit in the Backrack+ range, as well as the most convenient equipment for transporting 2 bikes.
The modular, expandable Backrack+ can be individually combined with other components. The Bike Carrier Swing is ideal for transporting 2 bikes (or e-bikes). The bikes are simply pushed onto the carrier. The carrier and bikes can then be swung upwards with minimal effort.

The Mini Rack provides additional storage space whenever it is needed. It is perfect for transporting extra luggage. Thanks to the clever design of the Mini Rack, it enables the load to be lashed down in any number of ways, so you can rest assured it is always safely secured. When the Mini Rack is not in use, it can be simply folded up and secured using the safety bolt. 

The Wheel Holder is a spare wheel bracket that has been specially developed for the Backrack+ system. It provides an easily accessible transport solution and is suitable for all common types of spare wheel. The spare wheel is simply secured to the Wheel Holder using the appropriate wheel bolt (not included in package contents).

The assembly of the Backrack+ must be carried out by the trading partner.

Technical data:
- Dead weight Backrack+ 8,6 kg
- Dead weight Number and Light Bar 15,8 kg
- Dead weight Bike Carrier Swing 31,2 kg 
- Dead weight Mini Rack 4,5 kg
- Dead weight Wheel Holder 2,5 kg
- Load capacity Backrack+ 80 kg
- Load capacity Number and Light Bar 100 kg (short-term load)
- Load capacity Bike Carrier Swing 50 kg
- Load capacity Mini Rack 35 kg
- Load capacity Wheel Holder 40 kg
- Loading space dimensions, Mini Rack: approx. 720 mm x 470 mm
- Suitable for all camper vans on a FIAT Ducato chassis
- Swivel arm with low actuating force (approx. 10 kg)
- The Bike Carrier Swing must be mounted on the left

Package contents:
- Backrack+ left
- Backrack+ right
- Number and Light Bar
- Bike Carrier Swing
- Mini Rack (incl. safety bolt)
- Wheel Holder
- Red warning flag (in case bikes project by >1 m)

Retrofit fit electric preparation part number 8502045 (Fiat Ducato series 7) 
or part number 8502160 (Fiat Ducato Serie 8 and Fiat Ducato series 9)

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