Anti-burglary system – crime prevention

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Anti-burglary system – crime prevention

Peace of mind for a more peaceful sleep
Thanks to the completely new anti-break-in system, you can feel safe when you go to sleep. The sensor detects people loitering within one meter of the entrance door. If the person stands still for longer than 2 seconds (as they’re attempting to break in, for example), the LED light will start to flash. It will do this for a period of 10 seconds. If the person hasn’t left the area in front of the door, an audible alarm will sound inside the vehicle so that the occupants are warned.  The person outside the vehicle will also hear this warning. Neighbours will not be disturbed, however, as the sound is only loud enough to be heard within a radius of approx. 2 metres around the vehicle. The aim is that the LED makes the presumed intruder realise that they have been detected. The audible alarm then sounds, which should encourage them to give up. This alarm system has been developed to minimise the likelihood of a break-in and, in an emergency, to wake the occupants so that they can draw attention to themselves.
The system is concealed in the interior and is activated and deactivated using an original HYMER switch.
All exterior components and screw fixings comply with protection class IP67.
Operating voltage: 10-16 volts
LED power: 1 watt
Definable detection areas: 25 cm-100 cm / 25 cm-70 cm
Sensor + LED holder can be painted (to do this, punched holes in white cardboard are available as a painting aid)
External fuse: 5 amps