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Dog box

Safety and comfort.

Once you have removed the upholstery cushions, the new dog box can be easily fastened, saving space, to the seating area with our specially developed belt system. Breaks for meals or coffee stops are no problem, as the table - including legroom - is completely free. Your dog can get in and out of the dog box comfortably and, thanks to the optionally available entry protection, your furniture won't suffer either. Developed jointly in cooperation with the Schmidt company (market leader for premium dog boxes).

Weight: approx. 15 kg
Important load securing information:
In terms of traffic law, animals are also considered to be loads and must be correspondingly secured within the vehicle (as regulated under Paragraph 22 of the German Road Traffic Regulations for instance). Some points must be observed when transporting a load with the vehicle in order to not endanger oneself or other road users and to not receive any fines.
The load / the animal must be secured against flying around, e.g. as a result of unexpected braking manoeuvres. Furthermore, the issue of the driver being distracted by unsecured animals must be considered to be extremely dangerous. Many dog owners are not aware of the dangers that they and the animal are exposed to in the event of an emergency braking manoeuvre.
The question of responsibility always arises when incorrect actions have dangerous consequences.

The load can become a projectile!
High-quality Schmidt aluminium dog box, fitting perfectly into most HYMER motorhomes.
The attractive, harmonious design with its special belt system and foam wedges ensures safety and comfort. Includes anti-slip weave under the box, plus a perfect fit, easy-care rubber mat in the box for your dog to lie on.

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