Backrack+ All in Kit
Backrack+ All in Kit
Backrack+ All in Kit
Backrack+ All in Kit

Backrack+ All in Kit

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  • HYMER Camper Van

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Backrack+ All in Kit

The full equipment for the Backrack+ world as well as the most comfortable equipment for transporting 2 bicycles.
The modular, expandable Backrack+ can be individually combined with other components. The Bike Carrier Swing is ideal for transporting 2 bicycles (including eBikes). The bicycles can easily be pushed onto the carrier. The carrier including the bicycles can then be swung upwards without much effort.
The pare wheel can be transported on the Wheel Holder and the Mini Rack offers additional storage space for a wide variety of things.
It is recommended that the installation of the Backrack+ is carried out by the retail partner.

The Backrack+ All in Kit includes:

- 2 x Backrack+
- 1 x Number and light bar
- 1 x Bike Carrier Swing
- 1 x Mini Rack
- 1 x Wheel Holder

Electrical fittings 8502045 (Fiat Ducato Serie 7)

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