E-Bike Charger

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Product details
  • Suitable for vehicles manufactured by HYMER
  • Model range / model Suitable for all HYMER models
  • Model years 2020, 2021, 2022
Product description
E-Bike Charger

Dead e-bike batteries are a thing of the past.

Conveniently charge your e-bike batteries while driving or parked up, and make them one less thing to worry about. Thanks to the intelligent programming of the Battery Management System (BMS), we ensure that the motorhome’s on-board batteries always have enough remaining capacity. This means that you will never find yourself in a situation where your e-bike batteries are full, but your on-board batteries are empty.
The system runs fully automatically when the engine is running and/or the vehicle is connected to 230 V power. When your vehicle is parked and not drawing external power, the charging process needs to be started manually. The retrofit kit has been fine-tuned to Hymer’s on-board electronics so that installation is almost as simple as plug & play.

The package includes a 600 W inverter, control panel and BMS. As well as this, you get a dedicated 230 V circuit breaker, a fully wired mains priority switch and all necessary connectors. All that you require apart from this are the specific 230 V cables, and (in certain circumstances) 2 x 230 V mounting sockets (often included as standard in the motorhome package).

The sockets are located in the garage of the motorhome so that the e-bikes can be plugged into the original chargers there. This also enables charging while on the road, allowing this “idle” time to be used for charging.

We recommend an on-board electrical system with at least 2 on-board batteries – ideally, the HYMER Smart Battery System. Just ask your HYMER dealer, they will be happy to advise you.

How it works:

Manual operation is contingent on the on-board batteries’ minimum capacity and should also ensure the unintended exhaustive discharge of the on-board batteries. This varies according to battery type, with a minimum capacity of 70% currently set for Li batteries, and 95% for Pb batteries. Charging is automatically deactivated if Li batteries fall below 50%, and if Pb batteries fall below 75%, or after a maximum of 5 hours of continuous operation.

The e-bike charger control system monitors the entire flow of electricity in the vehicle and has its very own battery computer function which allows you to view the voltage, current and capacity in Ah and %, as well as the remaining run time within the specified switching-on/off thresholds.