E-Connect special offer consisting of base unit and tyre pressure sensors

E-Connect special offer consisting of base unit and tyre pressure sensors

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Product details
  • Suitable for vehicles manufactured by ERIBA, HYMER, HYMERCAR / HYMER CAMPER VAN
  • Model range / model Suitable for all ERIBA models , Suitable for all HYMERCAR models, Suitable for all HYMER models
  • Model years Suitable for all model years
Product description
E-Connect special offer consisting of base unit and tyre pressure sensors

Promotional package including basic unit and 4 x air pressure sensors

Basic unit:

E-Connect including E-Level & E-Volt

The E-Connect is the centrepiece of the E-Connect system.

The module is connected to a 12-volt supply and then receives data which is sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
The user- friendly E-Trailer app then allows you to access essential data about your motorhome or caravan at your convenience.

Also included are the “E-Level” and “E-Volt” modules which are activated simply by scanning the QR code.

Advantages of E-Level:

• Reliable overview of the alignment of your vehicle
• No need for conventional levelling aids
• Automatic display helps to ensure perfect levelling

Advantages of E-Volt:
• Reliable overview of your current energy status
• Indication of low battery level

Air pressure sensors:

“E-Pressure” feature

With the “E-Pressure” module, you can keep track of the current tyre pressure and tyre temperature, even while driving.
To install E-Pressure, simply replace your current valve caps with the new E-Pressure valve caps.

Advantages of E-Pressure:
• Includes: Two E-Pressure valve caps for two tyres
• Precise measurements possible, even while driving
• Warning via alarm signal on your smartphone if tyre pressure is too high or too low
• Optimised fuel consumption through perfect tyre pressure
• E-Pressure valve caps are fitted with anti-theft security rings