Water filter clearliQ travel powered by Grünbeck

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Water filter clearliQ travel powered by Grünbeck

No more contaminated or chlorinated water on holidays. Say goodbye to buying, carrying and disposing of water bottles.

The HYMER clearliQ travel water filter powered by Grünbeck reliably filters bacteria such as Escherichia coli and coarse dirt such as sand, from your tap water. It also removes unpleasant smells, tastes and discoloration, with very little loss of water pressure. With the clearliQ travel water filter you can rest assured that you will be drinking clean and safe tap water while you’re on the road. No more compromises. Enjoy pure, clean water like you would at home. The water filter was specially developed for HYMER connection points, which is another advantage when it comes to installation and ergonomics while using the filter. The filter cartridges can be replaced without tools and while the system is pressurised.
Each filter has a capacity of 5,000 litres, or 6 months.

Replacement filters for the clearliQ travel system are available in single or double packs from your HYMER dealer. 

Note: The filter must be removed over the winter and stored in a frost-proof place. Before restarting, first run approx. 3-5 liters of water through the filter to flush it.

Tip: To fit the HYMER clearliQ travel water filter, we recommend converting to a tandem pump in the vehicle. Installation location is determined individually after consultation.

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